in one day and out the other... a fad is any idea or object that is "in fashion" one day and "out" the next. for example: remember how in the 90's many youths listened to a pop music band (boy band) called "the Backstreet Boys"? that was a fad.

a common misconception is that fads are only observed by youths, Not True! Many adults observe fads every day, they just don't know it. an example of this is someone who works a desk job wearing semi-formal clothing, they don't need to do it, they could just as well show up for work wearing their hockey uniform, but many have a sub-conscious fear of not conforming so they do what is expected. psychologists have explained that this is the result of rules and discipline while growing up; because as a child they were told not to do things, they are always afraid that "someone is watching [them], and something bad may happen if I do something unusual", many also regard this as a reason for the lack of initiative and originality in the corporate world.

some fads:

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