A U.S. Saturday morning television show, The Bugaloos were a four-piece musical group of friends who lived in idyllic Tranquility Forest. Their costumes had a slight bug-like theme, and included insect-like wings, allowing them to fly, but otherwise looked and acted like human teenagers, with British accents. Their names were Harmony (keyboard), Courage (drums), Joy (tamborine, backup vocals) and I.Q. (lead guitar and vocals). Their firefly pal is named Sparky, played by Billy Barty, one of the first of many roles he would play in Krofft brothers' productions.

The name and styling of the Bugaloos show is not related to the Latin dance and music genre, Boogaloo; it is probably a pun with the word "bug". Though the group bore little resemblance to the Beatles, the name appears to be partly inspired by them.

Though peace loving and almost hippy-like, the Bugaloos were pursued by an evil, jealous old crone named Benita Bizarre, played by Martha Raye, who lived in a gigantic jukebox, and used it to broadcast her own brand of blaring, obnoxious, unpleasant music. A terrible singer, she was furious at the popularity of the Bugaloos' more melodic, upbeat sound, and she plotted elaborate, unsuccessful schemes to destroy or enslave the titular protagonists. Benita was aided by two bumbling henchmen, Woofer and Tweeter, and her chauffeur and chief flunky, Funky Rat.

The show was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft, and aired on NBC from 1970 to 1972. Touted as the British version of the Monkees, over 5,000 aspiring Bugaloos auditioned to cast the four leads, each having to demonstrate aptitude in dance, singing, and acting. Seventeen episodes of the series were produced. An album of Bugaloos music was released in 1970, and their song "The Senses of Our World" actually charted as a minor hit.

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