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I have recently realized that I have little left to offer this wiki as a head administrator, I haven't even visited it in more than 30 days. I used to enjoy devoting my time to it, but now I really only care for the occasional link or glance, and it doesn't seem like it really needs what I have for it anymore. So I have put the wiki back up for adoption, so anyone interested: feel free to adopt it! This does not mean that I will cease my work on this wiki all together, or that I will stop taking care of my administrative responsibilities, only that I no longer wish to be the caretaker of this wiki.

I guess this would be called a resignation from my position, good luck to whoever takes it up! -cchristian Master of the wiki XD -COMPLAIN-

Hi! I'm one of the SysOps of this wiki! don't be afraid to bug me if you need any sort of help!

  This user has been given Emergecy Admin status by Angela 
 this user has been given control of the wikia by Haley C. Shannon

(yes I know that no one owns a wiki, stop telling me!!!)

If you urgently need to talk to me, use IRC. I'm usually in #wikia, #Kitschwiki, #wikifur, #wikifur-social, or #puppetwiki. try: cchristianDraco, cchristianJEW, SherlawkDragon, or emperorGreen. (try PMing me if you don't see me, or ask in #wikia if I'm there)

If you need to talk to me, leave a message on my talk page, and I will get back to you when I notice. If you need me in an emergency, (being the first sysop you should go to) I'm SherlawkDragon in #Wikia on IRC.

common misunderstandings

  • this person dosn't know that no one owns a wiki
  • he rules it with an iron fist, just look at all those bans
    • no, that was 2 kids in the UK who are globally ISP banned from wikia and wikipedia
  • he is not cool
    • I'm too cool for school!
  • he ish nawt a dragon.
      • Dragons are lizards
        • we most certainly are NAWT.
  • he is too serious
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