A quick note on how to check this: I've found that the best way is to use the following steps:

  1. click a page that hasn't been checked
  2. go to the History, find the date that Hailey C. Shannon made it (it he didn't make it, it's not from Wikipedia, lol)
  3. now go to the Wikipedia page with the same title, this is easily done by changing the URL so that is says instead of
  4. check the history, find the one from the date Hailey made the article.
  5. if it looks the same, it is copied. add the template and cross it off the list with <s>[[page]]</s>

if you do a bunch in a row, just <s>_</s> them all without breaking for lines. (just watch for the dividers)

Thanks for helping! ^_. .^ -cchristian Master of the wiki XD -COMPLAIN-

Pages to check Edit

This list is in alphabetical order with dividers for easy work.

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